Repair of computers and office equipment - one of the main directions of our wide range of repairs. It is for this reason that we can 100% guarantee its customers high-quality urgent repair of machinery and computer help as soon as possible at an affordable price. The key to this is our approach to the selection of personnel - we accept to work only highly qualified professionals that have been selected from a variety of candidates and to sustain complex technical examination, including not only the verification of professional knowledge and skills, but also to test the level of psychological stability and a culture of dialogue.

Constantly accelerating the pace of life has forced many of us (especially those characterized by high business activity) to solve operational issues on the go. To constantly be aware of all the problems, the business environment has to be constantly with us, moving in a bag with a laptop computer. The market of computer equipment responds to this trend time constant increase in sales of portable devices and gadgets.

Every year there is a significant increase in mobile equipment sales, which causes an increase in the need for professional service, skilled maintenance and repair of laptops, netbooks and other devices, because that is the main advantage of them in front of the stationary counterparts - mobility - becomes the main reason for their frequent release out of service.

Special attention to this area should ensure the provision of quality services for your indispensable assistant at any time, regardless of time of day.

High-quality repair and maintenance of computer equipment provided by our company each client. It can be a constant cooperation with a large firm or a single work by a private customer. If you have a little free time or just do not want to carry a laptop in for repair service, especially for you, we have such a service, as the service, the cost of which ranges from 5,000 sum depending on the distance.

Among other services, our service center produces works on notebook upgrade. This process is a sequential improvement of the technical parameters of your computer by replacing the individual elements of their more modern counterparts. Our service center is upgrading equipment at different levels. This can be a simple extension of RAM or more serious action as a laptop replacement matrix or processor and the system board. Our experienced specialists, using the latest accessories, help to achieve a substantial increase in performance technology and ease of its use.